It all started when…

Pastor Lumi became the pastor at First Baptist Church in the beginning of 2017.

In 1989 Romania was under a oprresive dictatorship rule, where law even forbid owning a bible.

She was arrested during the Romanian Revolution, and thrown into a political prison. While in prison she hid her Bible by tearing a hole in her coat, because of the guards discovered it, she could be executed.

Reflecting on Paul and his actions in prison in the Book of Acts, she was inspired to sing and pray with the other women she shared a cell with. She led the group in singing banned church hymns, however the guards too no action against them. She began to pass her Bible around to the women, many who had never seen one before.

During her time there some of the women were beaten or taken away, but she never was. Once the guards came in and asked if there were any Christians, to which Pastor Lumi raised her hand, but they ignored her and let her be.

After the revolution she was freed. Her surrondings were devestated with destruction, almost unrecognizable. Many didn't survive the week long revolution. Her family was relived to see her safe. Her father, who had beat her for her beliefs, had made a convenient with God that if she returned safely that he would convert.

These experiences shape her life, and grew a desire to preach in her heart. She attended school in the United States beginning in 1990.

She desired to be ordained, but the school she received a scholarship for did not ordain women. She instead became a nurse, but the desire to be a pastor never faded. She ended up going back to seminary for American Baptist Churches, which does ordain women. She succeeded and became the first female Romanian pastor in the world. In the beginning of 2017 she became the pastor at First Baptist Church.